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Mobile mate was established in 2011 by a team of youth who had been in mobile phone and related technologies for several years from India and international countries. This took place when they found purpose and passion to go back and start the whole game again with years of experience and knowledge they had about the industry and market where all of it once started, in Tirur, Kerala, India. With the kind of vision and values to fulfil the advanced requirements of market and young and energetic job seekers, mobile mate initiated,
Our basic (4 months) course make you fit to earn a decent job in India. Do our basic (5 months) course in smart phone technology; we guarantee you will be fit for a decent job in India. Do our (5 months + 12 months experience) course in smart phone technology; you will be trained and ready for an international job. Do 2 years experience in gulf job with our support, you will be an expert in demand of smart phone technology. Finally, do 2 more years of international job with high salary if you want to take the next big step to become a strong and visionary young entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship, if your dream job is not just a job but a job provider for skilled youth, then starts your dream journey of growing your own business network.
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