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We Specialized and focused in Smartphone repair. We can fix any damage to your device; from top to bottom such as screen damage,liquid damage, and motherboard repairs etc. We have over 50000 satisfied customers who keeps on coming back for repairs considering our high quality service, reasonable prices & oustanding customer service for Smartphone repair service. Since 2001 we have built our business on the foundation of trust and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose MobileMate Care?

Smartphone is an integral part of our life. Right from appointments to contacts,mobile applications that assist in fitness or work, there is a complete support structure that exists in our smartphones. Bringing us to the most critical aspect that one should consider in choosing an Smartphone repair center. The reliability of the promise that service centers make to the end user of delivering their device in good working condition while retaining their data securely on the Smartphone. In more cases than few, this promise depends on chance more than clearly defined processes. At MobileMate Care, we understand the importance that an iPhon holds and plays in the life of our customer. Therefore, we ensure that the time taken for repair is minimized whilst ensuring that the devices are repaired prefectly. This reflects in everything that we do. Right from when the customers walk in, our front desk team understands the problem, cross-references the issue with our support supervisor and then the quote is presented to the customer. From that point, the Smartphone is given to our trained and highly experienced technicians. They do the quality check to identify whether the initial diagnosis was accurate or not. The sophistication of our repair facility and the quality of parts that MobileMate Care uses further enforces our promise of delivering the best service each time. And the best part is, we deliver all this whilst remaining completitive in pricing. So, the next time your Smartphone faces issues, simply approach MobileMate Care.

Our Vision

To be a first-class service provider in the development of digitalized and intelligent World. To provide secure, reliable affordable and high quality services anytime, anywhere for an accelerated inclusive socio-economic development.

Our Mission

Provide customers with a quality service experience for customer and to
Staff: Inspire and unleash the potential of staff,
To Partner: Be a reliable business partner

Our Value

We have highly trained technicians who can effectively repair or replace all the commonly damaged components of the most popular brands of tablet or smartphone. 

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