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    A broken iPad requires immediate repair! Our repair technicians are available

  • smartphone repair

    If you own a smartphone, you almost certainly rely on it on a regular basis.

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    The benefit of consulting mobilemate care is important for your android table

iPhone repair

We provide quick iPhone at an affordable price. You may leave your smartphone to our service center's Apple iPhone repair professionals and be assured that we will have your iPhone fixed in no time. Our skilled Apple iPhone repair specialists have the expertise to accomplish that repair quickly and affordably. Additionally, we stock the spare components necessary to service or repair your iPhone, including cracked screens, LCD difficulties, cover damage, water damage, and software bugs. We consistently achieve the greatest level of customer satisfaction with our strong service network, qualified personnel, and integrated service strategy.

At MobileMate Care, we strive to complete repairs immediately or within the first 24 hours of receiving your Apple Device. This is accomplished by a systematic combination of suitable technology, components, and knowledge. This notion of swift and dependable Apple Device solutions has aided us in reaching our current position.

Benefits of choosing us

When it comes to resolving technical difficulties with our phones, most of us go for less expensive choices. While various service centres in Kerala guarantee authentic mobile components, it is always preferable to visit an authorised repair centre for Apple goods. Apple goods may lose their warranty in certain circumstances, such as damage to the product caused by the carelessness of an unauthorised service provider, replacement of a damaged part with counterfeit or unapproved parts, and so on. Due to the growth in the number of Apple customers, there are trustworthy Apple service centres located around the city. Even while Apple devices are renowned for their superior technology, they occasionally have difficulties like battery exhaustion, sluggish performance, and freezing.

  •  Availability of all Parts
  •  Expert Technicians
  •  You are provided with a warranty 
  •  Technicians who are highly qualified and professional.
  •  There are no fees for Analysis and Opinions.
  •  Dust and moisture will be kept out of the devices.
  •  Repairs are completed quickly and efficiently.
  •  Service fees are significantly less than at any other service centre.
  •  Pickup and delivery are free.


When it comes to offering a smooth and flawless experience, iPhones unquestionably outperform the competition. However, this does not mean Apple's much-discussed smartphone has been without its share of troubles. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and strategies for resolving frequent iPhone issues.

As a result, this book discusses a few typical iPhone issues and their resolutions. If your iPhone is acting up, check out these possible remedies that have proven effective for many customers in resolving common iOS difficulties.

  •  iPhone App Freezing/Crashing Randomly
  •  iPhone Data Lost
  •  iPhone is Stuck at Apple Logo
  •  Damage Due To Water
  •  Not Able To Backup The Data
  •  iPhone Is Slow


1. Are iPhones easy to fix?

Replacement displays and batteries remain a focus in the design of the latest iPhones. The majority of the remaining components are modular and easily accessible or replaceable. Again, double glass equals double drop damage, and despite years of advancements in durability, there is no straightforward method to repair the back glass.

2. What is the most often encountered issue with iPhones?

iPhone battery depleting quickly is one of the most prevalent problems encountered by iPhone owners worldwide. Battery life issues are frequently observed following an iOS update.


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